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All-New Stamping offers complete design and manufacturing for custom precision tooling. Based on the application specifications and cost requirements for your project, our engineers and toolmakers will determine the most effective manufacturing process with the best tooling solution for you. All-New Stamping offers single stage dies, compound, and progressive tooling, providing the flexibility to select the most effective tooling for each project.

Compound & Single Stage Dies

Single stage dies are dedicated to a single purpose such as blanking, piercing and drawing. They are used for simple parts or parts that need a single process to finish them.

Compound stage dies allow two or more operations to be combined into one, such as cutting the perimeter and punching holes into the part. Combining two processes in one stroke of the press produces the closest feature-to-feature tolerances and flattest part. Compound dies are most effective for smaller production runs.

Progressive Die Stamping & Tooling

Progressive dies use multiple stations within one die to form the part. Material is moved along the die while a different operation is performed at each station.

Progressive dies are used to manufacture complex parts and high production runs. They offer high precision, reproducible and economic manufacturing. Tooling choices are based on material, quantity, cost requirements and delivery schedule. All-New Stamping’s experienced staff will recommend, design and manufacture the most efficient tooling for your production.

All our tools are maintained by our in-house tooling department to ensure your parts are manufactured to specifications and the highest quality. Our manufacturing process is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified and we adhere to NADCAP standards.

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