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For over 60 years, All-New Stamping has been a leading manufacturer of marine metal stamped parts for applications. We specialize in custom precision stampings for components of a wide range of marine equipment, including motors, pumps, docks, and shipboard equipment. We know that special attention needs to be paid to the effects of corrosion, humidity, and water on your parts. Our knowledgeable staff works with each client throughout the design and manufacturing process to determine the proper materials, manufacturing methods and finishes required to ensure that your finished product meets your exact specifications.

What Components Do We Manufacture?

Some of the components we manufacture for marine applications are:

  • Connectors, fittings, and couplings
  • Caps
  • Enclosures and housings
  • Shells and frames
  • Decorative framing, fittings, and couplings
  • Custom parts

We’ve served the Marine industry for many years and are committed to continuing to offer power satisfaction to you throughout the entire process from the first call to the delivery of your finished parts.

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