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All-New Stamping manufactures custom brass metal stamped parts for all industries including nuclear, marinemedicalenergy and telecom. Our experienced staff will work with you to manufacture a brass stamped part that meets your requirements, from selecting a brass alloy to manufacturing a finished precision part. All-New Stamping’s special handling for brass parts includes the use of gloves by our production and inspection staffs to protect the finish on your brass stamped parts. We maintain a full inventory of brass and brass alloys, with sheet stock thickness from .001-.250”.  Most of our brass alloys are RoHS compliant, and we can provide environmental statements if required.

Advantages of Brass Metal Stamped Parts

Our brass metal stampings and products have many benefits due to the inherent characteristics of brass. Brass can be easily shaped, stamped and deep-drawn resulting in product that exhibits good strength. Brass and brass alloys are resistant to corrosion, have a smooth finished surface and can be polished to a shiny finish. As a result, brass is often used for decorative parts and functional parts that need to appear decorative. Its electrical properties make it an excellent material for electronic parts and lighting.

Brass is a copper/zinc alloy. The level of zinc in the alloy determines the surface smoothness, response to coatings, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Brass is a work-hardened material and is available in annealed through extra spring tempers. The ease of stamping and finishing, coupled with its electrical properties, corrosion-resistance and strength, make it an excellent material for a broad range of parts.

And, brass is a green material, making it fully recyclable.

We also can provide specialty alloys or work with metals you provide.  Before All-New accepts materials into our inventory, they are certified to ensure that your part is manufactured using the highest quality brass. 

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