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Since 1962 we’ve built a reputation for quality metal stamping. Over the past four decades we have rolled with the times and taken advantage of every kind of new technology that would allow us to serve our customers better. We captured the idealism and turbulence of the sixties to harness a new kind of innovative energy. We took the settling of the seventies as laying the groundwork for a new level of efficiency and value.

The 80’s saw a downturn in the aerospace industry which dominated our business and we expanded our capabilities. In the 90’s we harnessed the hi-tech solutions, especially in quality control and advanced engineering to find even more effective solutions to the challenges our customers were bringing to our doors.

Today, we are helping our customers manage through the financial uncertainty and challenging times to offer rock solid support and dependability to their production needs. The highest measurement of our success is our ability to build long term relationships with our customers and our own people. Our customers love working with us. Our employees love working for us. And we have the statistics to back that up.

We provide the personalized attention few companies care about any more. We combine old fashioned values like—listening to our customers, really listening—with a keen eye to the latest technologies and computer enhancements that all contribute to bringing added value to every part we produce.

All-New has turned customer satisfaction into a powerful new art form.

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