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All-New Stamping manufacturers steel parts to meet the needs of your specific applications. Whether you need a large, heavy part that requires thick walls for support, a small, intricate part, or a part that requires hardening and finishing after stamping, All New Stamping has the capabilities to assist you. 

We offer custom stamping, progressive stamping, and prototype stampings to ensure you receive the stamping product that best first your industry needs.

Benefits of Precision Steel Stampings

Steel is one of the most versatile and economical metals used for stampings.  It is a strong material and can be combined with other metals to form alloys with varying levels of strength and hardness.  In addition, a steel stamped part can be heat treated after stamping to increase its strength or hardness.  This allows a softer steel alloy to be used to manufacture a more complex part and still achieve the metal strength required for the application.

Steel Types for Stamping

The most common types of steel used in precision steel stamping are hot-rolled, pickled and oiled, cold-rolled, galvanized, bar stock, and 4130 alloys.  Most steels can be case hardened.  Alloy steel can be through-hardened, significantly increasing the strength of the part. In addition to the versatility of steel for manufacturing, it accepts a variety of finishes, from inexpensive coatings such as zinc and cadmium to more expensive chromes and paint.

As a green material, steel is fully recyclable. We maintain a complete inventory of the most common steel, steel alloys, and laminates, with sheet stock thickness from .001-.250”.  Most of our galvanized steels and coatings are RoHS compliant. We can also provide specialty alloys or work with the metal you provide.   

Industries Using Steel Stampings

All-New Stamping manufactures custom precision steel stampings for all industries such as:

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