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Prototyping is used to prove out a design and make sure that the part, as designed, will perform as expected. In addition, prototype stampings can identify potential problems with the manufacturing of the part and allow testing of the most effective and efficient manufacturing process. 

Prototype Metal Stampings Applications

All-New Stamping offers expert stamping services for prototypes. Our staff has the expertise to work with you to manufacture a prototype to your exact specifications and tolerances. We are experienced in applications across a wide variety of industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Marine
  • Musical instruments

Prototype Stamping Services

Our tool and die department can create prototype dies that, in most cases, can be easily modified if the part needs adjustments. We can work with you to adjust the drawings of the part based on the results of testing the prototype and changes made to the part. In addition, our staff has the expertise to reverse-engineer apart and develop the tooling to manufacture replacement parts.

As part of our quality control process, we can create a prototype metal stamping to test a drawing or if we anticipate issues during the manufacturing of a part.  We will test the tooling and manufacturing process to verify that the part, as represented in the drawing, will meet your requirements, or that the manufacturing process will produce a part with the expected tolerances, dimensions and precision. If necessary, we will make changes to the tooling or recommend adjustments to the part before it goes into metal stamping production.

By listening to our customers first, we are able to create prototypes that will help you finalize your design and will run with the highest level of efficiency during the manufacturing process.

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