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All-New Stamping manufactures custom stainless steel precision stamping for the food service, nuclear, marine, medical, energy, and telecom industries. We can work with specially finished and laminated stainless steel while maintaining the purity of the finish your part requires. All-New Stamping’s staff has the experience and expertise to produce your part and deliver the product such as the 304 stainless precision stamping that is needed to your exact specifications.

Benefits of 304 Stainless Precision Stamping

All New Stamping offers many services along with our ability to progressive die stamp at high volume, we also understand our materials and their intended use. 304 Stainless Steel is a highly versatile material that is commonly used in Aerospace and Automotive applications. In potentially corrosive environments it is important to use a material such as 304 stainless steel for it's corrosion resistant properties. In these applications, it can keep rust from forming, keeping your stamped materials precise when it matters most.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular steel alloys in use for custom stampings. It can be deep drawn, fabricated, formed, and stamped into many shapes. Parts and products manufactured using stainless steel are strong, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant, making them ideal for heavy wear parts and those exposed to harsh environments. It is easy to clean and is used extensively for applications that require strict sanitation.

304 stainless steel sheets made from progressive stamps can be used in a wide range of applications due to the unique properties of stainless steel and the precision manufacturing process involved in progressive stamping. 

304 stainless steel sheets are often used to produce various automotive parts, such as brackets, clips, and electrical connectors. Their resistance to corrosion makes them suitable for withstanding harsh conditions on the road.

In industries like automotive and aerospace where precision and safety are paramount, the properties of 304 stainless steel, including its corrosion resistance, strength, and formability, make it a versatile material. Progressive stamping, which is a highly efficient and precise manufacturing process, allows for the production of complex shapes and parts, making 304 stainless precision stamping well-suited for industries where precision and consistency are essential.

By focusing on these aspects, All New Stamping Company provides the quality, efficiency, and reliability of its progressive stamping processes, leading to improved product performance and customer satisfaction.

Stainless Steel Stamping Materials

There are over 100 types of stainless steel commercially available. These include:

  • Austenitic non-heat-treatable, non-magnetic alloys such as 302, 304 & 316 ss and 17-7
  • Martensitic heat-treatable, magnetic alloys such as 410 and 416, 420 and 502
  • Ferritic non-heat-treatable, magnetic alloys such as 405, 430F and 446
  • Precipitation hardenable specialty alloys such as 15-5 PH and 17-7 PH

Stainless steel comes in varying hardnesses and can be heat-treated to reach the desired hardness after forming.

We maintain a complete inventory of the most common stainless steel alloys and laminates, with sheet stock thickness from .001-.250”.  Most of our stainless steel is DFARS complaint under DOD standards.  We also can provide specialty alloys or work with metals you provide.  All-New certifies all materials before they are accepted into inventory to ensure your part is manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel.  

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