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All-New Stamping manufactures custom copper stampings for all industries.  Our copper metal stampings are used across industries for products including plumbing fixtures, architectural lighting, electronics, aerospace, and decorative applications. 

All-New maintains a full inventory of the most common copper stamping alloys, with sheet stock thickness from .001-.250”.  Most of our copper alloys are RoHS compliant. 

Benefits of Copper Stampings

Copper and copper alloys are popular materials for deep drawn and flat stamped products due to their excellent electrical and thermal properties, high ductility, and corrosion resistance.  They are also non-magnetic, non-sparking and non-bacterial.  Due to its high ductility and strength, copper can be deep drawn and stamped into small, thin shapes to meet the most precise requirements.

Copper is often combined with other metals such as beryllium to increase the strength and durability of the alloy, or tin to increase the fatigue strength of the alloy.  Oxygen-free (OFE) copper is purified copper used in applications where impurities will minimize the effectiveness of the component, such as semi-conductors.   The different alloys provide copper with a number of versatile uses in the industrial marketplace.

Copper and its alloys are green materials and fully recyclable.

We also can provide specialty alloys or work with metals you provide.  We certify all materials before they are accepted into inventory, so you can be sure your part is manufactured using the highest quality copper.

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