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High Volume Stamping

With over 60 years of experience, All-New Stamping is your trusted partner for high-quality, high-volume metal stamping. Our processes and state-of-the-art technology ensure we meet your most demanding production needs, whether you require thousands or millions of components. High-volume stamping offers exceptional speed, precision, and unmatched cost-effectiveness. From intricate electronics parts to durable automotive components, All-New Stamping is ready to streamline your design production. Call our team to learn more about our stamping capabilities.

Why Use High Volume Metal Stamping

Success in the competitive arena of manufacturing depends on speed and consistency. Stamping is a standard metal-forming process that simplifies and streamlines parts of the manufacturing process, and high-volume production can give manufacturers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The high-volume production method for stamping focuses on creating large quantities of identical parts with remarkable precision. It uses automated machinery to churn out parts at impressive rates, reducing lead times and allowing companies to meet the most demanding production schedules. All-New Stamping uses numerous tools to produce your parts, including:

High-volume stamping also boasts exceptional cost-effectiveness. Its automated nature minimizes labor costs, and its use of precisely designed dies reduces material waste and ensures parts are identical. The consistency of the process is essential for automotive and aerospace industries, where even minor variations can compromise performance and safety.

Why Choose All-New Stamping

We are a precision metal stamping company based in El Monte, California, established in 1962. Our team prides itself on high-quality standards, but you do not have to take our word for it. We hold ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9001:2009 certification, demonstrating our quality standards in manufacturing.

Our areas of expertise include precision metal stamping, custom tooling, sheet metal fabrication, engineering services, and finishing and assembly. With our six decades of experience, we can take you from design to ready-to-use components, regardless of your industry. We work with several industries, including:

How To Get Started with High-Volume Stamping

Whenever you are ready to start your next project, All-New Stamping is ready to discuss high-volume stamping. We are flexible and can work with companies that only need small runs or companies looking for large production runs. Your interests are our interests. Call our team to request a quote or learn more about our equipment and processes.

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