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All-New Stamping offers metal forming service to accurately finish parts to their tightest tolerances and final form. Metal Forming is another way we work with our customers to bring added value to every part we make by offering flexibility in the production of parts with either simple or complex geometries. Beginning with blank development, our staff takes into account the material hardness, grain direction, bend radius and take-up of the materials to provide the most accurate part to your dimensional tolerances. The requirements of the forming process are accommodated throughout manufacturing so the stamped part retains the stamping tolerances during forming.

Metal Forming Service Capabilities

  • Forming up to 0.250” thickness while maintaining proper radiuses. Our 8’ press brake can apply up to 80 tons of pressure.
  • Deep drawing to the tightest tolerances
  • Multiple forms on different areas of the part using computer-aided multi-axis back gauging. We can produce angles ranging from slight bends to complex bends, including hemming the part
  • Post-forming metal stamping.

metal forming

All-New Stamping’s metal forming gives our customers the flexibility to produce parts with either simple or complex geometries to meet your production needs.

And with our AS9100 and ISO 9001 certifications, you can be assured of part consistency throughout the production process.

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