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Inconel 625 Stamping

At All-New Stamping, we have experience working with high alloys that withstand harsh environments and extensive wear. Our specialty Inconel 625 stamping services serve the power generation, aerospace, and high-tech industries. We can manufacture anything from aerospace fasteners to submarine hull components.

Inconel 625 Alloy

Inconel 625 is a highly regarded alloy due to its high corrosion protection and temperature resistance. Its composition includes approximately 58% nickel, 20% to 30% chromium, 8% to 10% molybdenum, and 3.15% to 4.15% niobium, which provides excellent strength and toughness. It is superior to Inconel 600 in the following ways:

  • Corrosion resistance: Especially resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion common in marine applications
  • Strength and temperature resistanceMaintains strength without heat-treating, tolerates temperatures from cryogenic to about 1,800 °F
  • Oxidation resistance: Stronger resistance to oxides in environments such as oil and gas rigs, marine, and spacecraft reentry
  • Cost: More expensive due to the addition of molybdenum and niobium

Inconel 625 tends to present more difficulties during the stamping process. Ithardens more rapidly than Inconel 600, which requires careful planning to include intermediate annealing steps. However, the inherent strength and stability of alloy 625 can help make up the difference because it often requires less post-process heat treatment.

Inconel 625 Stamping Services

We constantly adapt and incorporate new, modern technologies to stay on the cutting edge of Inconel 625 stamping. Our plant features the following state-of-the-art equipment:

We can manufacture dies according to your application specifications or modify an existing die for new requirements. These capabilities translate to flexibility when you need design, dimension, or material adjustments.

We are capable of coil feeding for mass production and performing single-hit, compound, and complex progressive tooling. We can also expedite your parts by producing an initial stock order while we develop tooling for the main run.

All-New Quality Assurance and Certifications

We employ statistical process control, total quality management, and material traceability procedures to ensure that only the highest quality products leave our facility. We comply with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 (Rev. C) and adhere to NADCAP standards, including using their approved vendors. Additionally, we use materials certified to the latest specifications, such as RoHS and DFARS.

Choose All-New Stamping for Your Large Production Runs

With 150 employees, a 40,000-foot production plant, and a 24-hour operating schedule, All-New Stamping can handle Inconel 625 stamping production runs for quantities of 25 up to one million or more. Contact us today to start customizing your stamping process.

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